Mother Church Santa Maria of Sant'Angelo di Brolo

Via Vittorio Emanuele , 98060, Sant'Angelo di Brolo Sicilia


With a purely fifteenth-century style, the Church of Santa Maria, Mother Church of the Municipality of Sant'Angelo di Brolo, is topped by a large dome and formed by three naves arranged in a Latin cross. The Church consecrated to Santa Maria, over the centuries has undergone transformations that have changed its original appearance. On the right side of the building stands the bell tower, consisting of four bells with excellent stamp. Inside, on the left side there is a magnificent marble altar with colored inserts, while in the apse stands out a majestic marble image of the Madonna and Child. Towards the transept, a beautiful pulpit and a canvas (1698) by Michelangelo and Giuseppe Vito protrudes above. A simulacrum of Saint Michael the Archangel preserved in the chapel of Saint Gaetano is also of excellent workmanship.


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