Cloister of San Francesco and Museum of the Angels

Via I Settembre , 98060, Sant'Angelo di Brolo Sicilia


The museum is housed inside the Convent of Santa Maria degli Angeli, one of the most important religious architectural works of the sixteenth century. The monastic house houses the art collection dedicated to angels and angelology. The construction of the Convent dates back exactly to 1596 as can be seen from the date engraved on the main portal. A monastic complex of great attraction with the bell tower of elegant proportions, the cloister and its sandstone columns, an imposing Corinthian style column which is located in the part adjacent to the upper room and finally the works kept inside. As many as 55 artists have enriched the museum with their creations dedicated to angels. We remember big names such as: Nino Perricone, Giusto Sucato and Franco Mineo.


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